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Essential oils have been around for thousands of years. The oils are extracted through careful stream distillation and cold press. Take a look at our blog to learn more about essential oils for immunity, essential oils for health, and healthy immune boost recipes that will change your life!
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Top Must-Have Essential Oils 2021

Your sense of smell allows you to have a new perspective of your surroundings. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to stimulate the sense of smell. Essential oils can also be used directly on the skin or hair when blended with an essential oil

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Convention 2021 Favorites

Even though we were unable to meet in person once again due to restrictions, our vast global platform enabled us to interact with thousands of you for our second official Virtual International Grand Convention. At the 2021 International Grand Convention, we unveiled several new products!

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Best Essential Oils to Use This Summer

Best Essential Oils to Use This Summer

Summer is an excellent time to practice self-care. If you are lounging by the pool, grilling out, or grounding yourself in nature, take advantage of the benefits of warm summer days with your favorite essential oils by your side. Learn how to up your self-care

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How to Use Essential Oils

How to Use Essential Oils to Elevate Your Morning Routine

How to Use Essential Oils As a variety of wellness experts, celebrities, and social media influencers swear by their morning routines consisting of everything from morning Pilates to journaling, one could say morning routines are now as popular as they’ve ever been. Daily routines for

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The Awesome Power of Essential Oils for Male Performance

Guys, Get Your Mojo Working!

The Awesome Power of Essential Oils for Male Performance   It’s like a plague, that ugly thing called hypogonadism. The result: Not enough testosterone in your bloodstream to help you physically do what you want and need to do in your life—especially in your relationship

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Kid-Friendly Essential Oils

Kid-Friendly Essential Oils for Health and Wellness

If you enjoy using essential oils, you probably have a favorite or two that you gravitate towards when you need a pick-me-up—but which essential oil do you reach for when your children are nearby? Use KidScents® essential oil blends when you want to safely express

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