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The Awesome Power of Essential Oils for Male Performance


It’s like a plague, that ugly thing called hypogonadism. The result: Not enough testosterone in your bloodstream to help you physically do what you want and need to do in your life—especially in your relationship with your sweetheart.


Don’t feel bad. Not your fault. Men across the world, especially we guys well past our 50’s, have suffered from this frustrating “limpy-wimpiness” affliction. Long-term poor nutrition, modern-day work and societal stresses, environmentally toxic chemicals, and more all around us—these join together in a curse that can leave you in the dumps, perhaps even alienated from your woman.


But check this out! There are a few natural things you can do that are simple and you can start right from your own kitchen


onions and garlic to your mealsFirst, start adding onions and garlic to your meals.  Yes, I know, those don’t sound like LOVE producing food items, however, they will raise the levels of a hormone that triggers your body to make testosterone. More than that, the flavonoids in onion and garlic will protect your littler swimmers and strengthen them against damage.


vitamin D in fish or in supplement formNext, choose fish! Fish tends to be high in vitamin D. Vitamin D is great for supporting emotions and for your all over health and wellness. On top of that, it plays a crucial role in hormone production and can boost testosterone. You can find vitamin D in fish or in supplement form.


phytoestrogen and prolactin

Last, but down the beer. STOP! Before you click the little X and pretend you never started this blog, know that hops and barley contain phytoestrogen and prolactin which increase estrogen and, in turn, decrease testosterone and before you think of a cop-out, YES both chemicals are still in beer even after brewing.


So maybe you don’t want to try the above OR maybe you tried it and you need a more to get your mojo going.


There’s some seriously good news for you—a for-real natural therapy that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, as do potentially harmful artificial hormone supplement therapies with their expensive pills or creams or injections, etc., and their possible side-effects.


Now deep breath because it sounds like something that would shrink your manhood and cause your testosterone to plummet but hear me out. . . ultra-pure high-quality Essential Oils, wonderfully crafted plant extracts that have been known and used for thousands of years. They are your safest and most powerful ally on the planet when it comes to being “the man!” Aromatic and highly concentrated, these greatly valued liquids are drawn from roots, stems, bark, seeds, flowers, and other parts of plants grown in the wild of nature.


No, we’re NOT talking snake oil here. We’re not talking woo-woo nonsense. Because when men are talking man stuff we all know you need the real thing.


So, what are these top-quality Power of Essential Oils (and oil-infused products) that can help restore your best testosterone levels? And just as importantly, where can you get them? Glad you asked. First, here are the oils ~

The Oils:

  1. Sandalwood (Royal Hawaiian) essential oilSandalwood (Royal Hawaiian) – Rub a couple drops into the skin at the back of your neck, or diffuse for a spa-like atmosphere, or add to your face-moisturizing lotion; it’s not inexpensive, but an amazing scent your woman will love, power-packed with benefits for romance. A natural aphrodisiac!


  1. Shutran BlendShutran Blend – 2 drops on neck or wrists; feel like a true “manly man” and see your woman come calling. She may not be able to stay away.


  1. Idaho Blue Spruce & Grand FirIdaho Blue Spruce & Grand Fir – Convincing research has been done on Idaho Blue Spruce oil, especially, with testosterone levels elevating as much as 38%. With its pleasing, relaxing evergreen aroma, you’ll elevate your mood, energy, and drive.


  1. Northern Lights Black Spruce and GoldenrodTwo extra options: Northern Lights Black Spruce and Goldenrod


Also, This!

PowerGize Supplement – Young Living-crafted with botanicals from around the world for supporting healthy testosterone levels, 2 capsules a day wonderfully supports your male reproductive system, your energy, your mental clarity, and your muscle development! Powergize your life, guys! (

PowerGize Supplement


Next, where do you get them? Allow me the privilege of introducing you to the internationally famous, top-rated company called YOUNG LIVING. I would love to assist you in your quest to steadily nurture the ultra-manhood and romance in your life that you desire: you can click any of the photos above and be taken to the ordering page or you can call 833-Oil-Line (833-645-5463) and have your questions answered about Power of Essential Oils.


So what do you think?


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