Kid-Friendly Essential Oils for Health and Wellness

If you enjoy using essential oils, you probably have a favorite or two that you gravitate towards when you need a pick-me-up—but which essential oil do you reach for when your children are nearby? Use KidScents® essential oil blends when you want to safely express your love of essential oils with your little ones.


Young Living’s KidScents blends were mindfully developed with your kids in mind – this special blend of essential oils has been pre-diluted to protect sensitive skin and is available in a roll-on for your convenience. Check out the following for a list of our favorite blends from this series along with ways in which you can use them.




KidPower is a luscious blend of Northern Lights Black SpruceBlue Tansy, Frankincense, and other well-loved oils that provide an uplifting scent – a scent that will inspire your children to unleash their inner strength whenever they could use some empowerment.


How to use essential oils:


  1. Diffuse this essential oil right at the start of your child’s day and as part of their morning routine to get them off to a great start.


  1. If your child requires some peaceful downtime before a major school project or performance, apply the blend onto their wrist or on the back of their neck.


  1. If there happens to be a time when you aren’t able to be with your child when they need an aromatic boost, pack a cotton ball with a couple of drops of KidPower in their backpack. That way, they can inhale it before their lesson or presentation to ease any tension.


  1. Since children often deal with a wide range of emotions, KidPower can be very beneficial to use since its aroma provides a soothing atmosphere – at the end of a long day, diffuse this essential oil or add a couple of drops to a bath.




To have good focus and concentration, one must have a steady heart and lucid mind. With earthy, grounding aromas from FrankincenseCedarwood, and Melissa, GeneYus essential oil blend is absolutely ideal to diffuse while your children are studying or facing a challenging task.


How to use essential oils:


  1. Do you struggle to get your kids to concentrate on their homework? If so, diffuse this essential oil blend when they are working on homework, projects, or lessons to keep their mind off of any distractions and encourage innovation.


  1. On the day of an important test, apply this oil onto your child’s wrists or the back of their neck, or give them a cotton ball with a couple drops to inhale if they need to.


  1. Feel free to also put a drop in the shower before a big day or diffuse during piano practice.




Children need a great deal of rest to revitalize their minds and bodies, but some may also need some help with winding down each day. A mix of LavenderGeranium, and Roman Chamomile makes Sleepylze essential oil blend the perfect end-of-day essential oil blend.


How to use kid-friendly essential oils:


  1. Sleepylze is the perfect blend to use before bedtime, just diffuse this blend to establish a peaceful environment your child will have no problem sleeping in. You can even diffuse this blend throughout the night to ensure your child sleeps calmly all night long.


  1. For toddlers who are having trouble taking naps, massage this blend on their feet before you lay them down for a nap. You can also use Sleepylze as part of their pre-bedtime routine, either apply the blend directly or mix with an essential oil carrier.


  1. To help your kids relax, use Sleepylze in their bath or add a couple drops to their shampoo or body wash. Try this DIY recipe to make your own bubble bath.


For more kid-friendly essential oils DIYs, check out this recipe for DIY bathtub crayons

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