Teri Secrest

Meet Teri Secrest


Teri Secrest is a best selling author and founder of the Essential Oils Healthline, an international research and education group whose mission is to change the way the world thinks about healthcare.

Teri was born into a family of food lovers. Her mother was the founder of a French cooking school. After encountering a personal health crisis in her twenties, Teri began a deeper study into nutrition and essential oils. This began her path as a certified wellness coach.

For 27 years Teri has guided many people in countries across the globe in natural wellness. Teri finds the Young Living product line is very harmonious with her clients because the full spectrum of products supports physical health, full body nutrition, and mental strength. 

You can contact her at 830-355-3578.


Beverly Banks

Hello! A bottle of Melrose essential oil wandered into my world in 2004. Back then, I knew nothing about oils, and I was reluctant to take it. I had no desire to become the “crazy oil lady” of the block LOL! Feeling the same? I get it. But if life has brought you here because you’re looking for something to support your body or your finances, you’ve come to the right girl. Let’s chat.

Theresa Bailey

I began my journey with Young Living simply because I wanted an alternative to candles.  Once I began diffusing oils, I was hooked!  It smelled fantastic and actually helped me breathe better!  It got me thinking about making the change to other products in my home.  I began seeking out ways to eliminate the MANY chemicals all around me.  This of course, led me to Thieves.  Oh the smell is so good in this natural product!  My snowball grew from there and I am happy to say that Young Living has made such a huge difference in my life and that of my family.  From helping support my body’s systems, easing pain or uplifting my spirits- there is an oil!

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