Teri Secrest

As the youngest of five children born and raised in the small town of Clear Lake, one of the principles our parents taught us is to honor our bodies with healthy nutrition. In 1995, I had a dramatic experience involving the birth of my third child, in which I was introduced to therapeutic essential oils. These “liquid drops of gold” are now a vital part of our family’s daily health plan and the foundation I have built our family’s Young Living business on. I am a Royal Crown Diamond with Young Living, an author, and speaker. I believe that God has put so many wonderful things in the earth for our physical and emotional well-being and it is time to return to these things He has given us.

Beverly Banks

Hello! A bottle of Melrose essential oil wandered into my world in 2004. Back then, I knew nothing about oils, and I was reluctant to take it. I had no desire to become the “crazy oil lady” of the block LOL! Feeling the same? I get it. But if life has brought you here because you’re looking for something to support your body or your finances, you’ve come to the right girl. Let’s chat.

Rea David Ekhaus

I started this amazing journey that has truly elevated my life in many areas and I think you may be interested in that journey too. Hello, my name is Rea David Ekhaus and I’m Israeli living here in the United Stated. I was introduced to essential oils just this year. For years I experienced head pain and was amazed by a little bottle of Lavender. I’ve worked as a sales trainer for many years and have begun loving Young Living oils. I use the oils daily and am at the start of my business. It’s about growing and developing as a person as much as it is growing a business.

Elizabeth Rose

Hello! Elizabeth Rose here, and I am passionate about helping individuals reach their highest potential. Throughout the last 12 plus years of lifestyle and health coaching, I’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of individuals come into balance in all 5 areas of life – physical, spiritual, emotional, relational and financial health. It is my firm belief that when we are in balance and making healthy choices each day, we will truly be effective leaders in our family and community. I believe that essential oils will prove to be one of the most effective forms of natural health support in the 21st century. They have helped my clients overcome emotional challenges as well as bring greater balance to every system of the body.

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